Canada's best kept-secret is back! Sticks - The Mashup Drummer is excited to present his third full-length mashup project, Forgive Me. Jam-packed with pulsating beats and clever original mashups, it is bound to have you bopping your head, tapping your foot or dancing, wherever you are.

Forgive Me features a selection of over 339 carefully chosen samples spanning across multiple genres and decades, even your grandmother would recognize. Sticks creatively combines rhythmic, melodic, and vocal elements - from rock, hip-hop, reggae, pop, R&B, and EDM - to create a cohesive sound with self-produced percussion.

Click to download: STICKS - Forgive Me press release (PDF)

Check out my latest promo video and take a peek into the mashup experience with yours truly, STICKS - The Mashup Drummer!